Wives of the soldier’s economic status uplifted

REGINA BATABAIRE TESTIFIES HOW HER LIFE HAS CHANGEDReach out to the Wives of the Soldiers (ROWOSA), is one of the thirty first community based women group member of   Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA).

In 2000 NVIWODA participated in the Parliamentary NGO Exhibition and was able to meet the Coordinator of Reach out to the Wives of the soldiers (RWOSA), who showed keen interest in NVIWODA’s programmes and requested NVIWODA to reach out to the wives of the soldiers, who lived in devastated state of poverty, as most they only depended on their husband’s incomes. The women lived in isolation and lacked employable skills and opportunities that could improve their knowledge that could generate income to support their children.

In 2001 RWOSA partnered with NVIWODA who was able to make a significant change in the lives of the wives of the soldiers through Entrepreneurship /Information and Communication Technology empowerment programmes and fifty six (56) women benefited from the two training programmes conducted by NVIWODA in 2001 and 2007. Their human capacity tremendously changed, as they are also able to contribute to the welfare of the family. “We are no longer beggars commented the Coordinator /Founder, Mrs. Jovanice Bbosa.”

On 20th February 2013 RWOSA, graduated over one hundred women and men who have been trained by RWOSA in employable skills. Tailoring, ICTs, mushroom growing, tie and dye, and baking and some of the skills RWOSA offers to the community.

The event was attended by many dignitaries, who included Hon. MPS, UPDF officers, the Mayor -Bombo Town Council, the Guest of Honor. Minister of education sports and Culture awarded the certificates in Information and Communication Technology (ICTS), to twenty graduates.

A journey of a1000 miles begins with one step, in her remarks the Coordinator said that RWOSA begun in December 2000, when she realized that the wife of a soldier spend most of her time wasteful in rumor mongering, as they lacked what to do.

She recognized many individuals and organizations and husbands who supported to develop RWOSA. Among the NGOs that were recognized included Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA) and Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET). Both organizations respectively supported RWOSA through small grants and strengthening their organizations capacity.

Regina Batabaire, who put the knowledge into good use testified that “I am empowered, I do business, I surf the internet, tweet, and I use face book, I am a Project Manager of RWOSA ICT training centre project and I am also a tailor. I feel I am a better woman than before” she strongly commended NVIWODA for building her capacity, through entrepreneurship.

In her closing remarks, the Hon Guest of Hon. Jessica Alupo said that, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who will be able to learn and re-learn. She applauded the Government for having identified ICTs as a channel to social and economic transformation of Uganda. To Skill the country, development skilling programmes is the way for Ugandans of all ages, and gender inclusive. Training of Trainers in industrial training could be provided to accelerate the transformation of Ugandans.

Projects developed by RWOSA, is a positive asset, as they can improve quality of life of the wives of the soldiers and their families and even after the retirement one can still remain productive in their community.

The women members of RWOSA has changed forever; the knowledge is an asset to the family.


About nviwoda

In a humble setting lies the story of the Ntulume Village Women's Development Association (NVIWODA). In June 1987 a group of women residing in Ntulume Village founded, Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA).www.nviwoda.interconnection.org It is a legally registered woman NGO (Reg.S5914/404) and operates in ten districts of Uganda, the organization equips women with skills, networks and shares knowledge and information with twenty seven women community based groups. NVIWODA has todate empowered sustainable families in Uganda.
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One Response to Wives of the soldier’s economic status uplifted

  1. Mrs Masibo Martha Otim says:

    NVIWODA, Thanks for this great story on ROWOSA. Can you imagine I have read the story from Denmark together with the one of UWOUGNET while Course about organizational development when I wanted to know if ROWOSA activities are known anywhere. This is a challenge to ROWOSA management to ensure publication.
    Thank you for awakening and support us to this much NVIWODA. Comment by Mrs Martha Masibo Otim-ROWOSA General Secretary .

    I am,

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