In Wakiso District in Uganda, Nansana Church of Uganda Primary School benefits from the strategic direction of NVIWODA which promotes gender equality.

As the month of March 2012 ends, NVIWODA continues to connect girls and boys to inspire their future.

On 29th March 2012, NVIWODA Team comprising of senior mothers, namely Nyarwa Cissy, Rose Ssozi, Merab Bibangamba, Sarah Kisauzi  and Nsubuga Judith, visited Nansana Church of Uganda Primary School, the team included the  youth who comprised of Jackie Katusiime and Regina Bagaala supported the team.


The main focus of the programme is to create awareness among the pupils at school aged 12-15 attending classes of P.6.-P.7, guide, counsel, build their self confidence, self esteem and give them direction to enable them positively achieve their future. They are also guided to be spiritually formed.

Two hundred and seventeen pupils attended the session discussion and sharing of challenges of youth age real like experience. Over two hundred pupils were on 9th March 2012, met at Kiteebi Primary School in Lubaga Division, Kampala District, making a total of over four hundred pupils. As NVIWODA celebrates twenty five years, the programme has been planned to continue till end of June, one thousand pupils are anticipated to benefit.

The Deputy Headmaster, Mrs. Esther Olaka Olwoch appreciated NVIWODA for this timely initiative towards the young ones.  She said that this will assist them to achieve their vision in future. At the same time the Head teacher Mrs. Sendagire Rebecca, was very grateful to NVIWODA, she urged the pupils that this was a great opportunity for them and they should take the words said very important if they have to succeed in life.

It has been noted that, the teachers need support from the other parents to talk to the children of Uganda to prepare them for being good citizens of this Nation.

Both teachers in the two different schools, so far visited commented that “We have been telling these pupils the same and we are very grateful for your initiative, this will make a change”.

Don’t Papa is the motto, the senior mothers left behind with the pupils.ImageImage



About nviwoda

In a humble setting lies the story of the Ntulume Village Women's Development Association (NVIWODA). In June 1987 a group of women residing in Ntulume Village founded, Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA) It is a legally registered woman NGO (Reg.S5914/404) and operates in ten districts of Uganda, the organization equips women with skills, networks and shares knowledge and information with twenty seven women community based groups. NVIWODA has todate empowered sustainable families in Uganda.
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