For a just a cause training women in entrepreneurship, Information and Communication technologies (ICT’s) and gender issues, gives women freedom to ascertain an alternative social and economic development. Women  positively analyze and reduce the multiple roles they play in the traditional family set up, which might  lead to poverty and poor living conditions.


Special points of interest:
1. Message from Chairperson
2. Who are we?
3. Vision & Mission
4. Message from   Programme Coordinator
5. NVIWODAs Activities/Programmers Projects and accountability 2007-2008.
6. ICT’s/Outreach Entrepreneurship capacity building
7. Learning Exchange visits for members
8. Challenges & Acknowledgement
9. Linking NVIWODA Entrepreneurs for enterprise Growth
10. NVIWODA Beneficiaries
11. The Secretariat& & Support Staff
NVIWODA’ in pictorial form

NVIWODA Executives, from right to left Ms. Margaret Tinka—Chairperson, Ms. Majanja Zaal’yembikke—Advisor, Mrs. Jessica Mugalula—Publicity Secretary, Ms.Theresa Nazziwa—Asst. Coordinator, Ms. Maria Kagusuuru—Treasurer,  Mrs. Annette Kiza—Secretary,Mrs. Rose Sozi—Woman Counselor & Ms. Elizabeth Akuwulira—Advisor.     

Hah Hah Girls pose for a group photograph after the 2006 AGM Meeting at Ranch on the Lake on 8th December 2007



NVIWODA’s Annual General Assembly
 NVIWODA is a Women’s Non-governmental organization established in 1987 by a group of women residing in Ntulume Village by then.

 NVIWODA envisions a knowledgeable community of women trained, equipped with entrepreneurial/technical skills and capable of influencing and making decisions.    

NVIWODA’s mission is to increase the income of women members through provisions of ICT’s/entrepreneurship skills training and information sharing, so that they are able to play an effective role for sustainable development.
Like any other organizations NVIWODA regularly conducts its AGM’s accordingly, and this is our 23rd AGM.
 Why does NVIWODA build women’s capacity? 
  Training women in gender issues gives women freedom to ascertain an alternative in entrepreneurial development and this enables them to positively analyze and reduce the multiple roles they play in the traditional family set up, hence enjoy their livelihoods. Where have we come from?
NVIWODA begun humbly in Music Dance and Drama plus handicraft .
For 23 years of existence it has undertaken quite a number of activities that has empowered the women, who have continued to testify and involve in most of the activities.
From  Global Fund for Women, United Methodist Church and African Women Development Fund the organization is able to stride an extra mile and we have achieved greatly our mission and  NVIWODA is recognized by many other NGO’s in Uganda.
We are sure that those who have associated with us could testify. 
To date we are partnering with twenty seven CBOs in ten districts of Uganda as you may later see the DVDs of our activities in the districts.
The Focus of our Programmes is to expand to many women in the rural areas, who lack the empowerment opportunities and  knowledge due to their remoteness.   

NVIWODA Activities/Programmes   

ICT’s Outreach capacity building Programmes
·  Short Technical skills workshops for members
· Gender Based Violence Awareness seminars
· Entrepreneurship development for women
· Conducting Study Tours for members
· Grant Making
· Evaluation of our grantees and members
· Linking, Networking and Information sharing   

 Member of NVIWODA Mrs. Sarah Sentongo Kisauzi Undergoing hands on skills training during CJA/ICT’s workshop organized by NVIWODA.
NVIWODA with limited and minimal funds, has achieved its objectives: –  i.e.
· Linking women groups to other National and like minded  organizations
· Building and strengthening the capacity of our members. 
· Improving the performance and information sharing with community based women group members.
Providing donor information and knowledge, hence increasing the confidence and the capacity to fundraise for their activities. e.g. Reach out to the Wives of the Soldiers,  Kamuruli Women Development Association, Mperre Indigenous Initiatives for Development and  Ibanda Catholic Women’s Guild, are some of the good examples
This is indicated by their visibility and reports, E-mails messages received from the groups.

 “Anyone too busy to say thank you will get fewer and fewer chances to say it.” We appreciate NVIWODA Programmes, because they have changed our lives. Most entreprenuers are managing their enterprises successfully. ” I am looking forward to the next level” commented Christine.
NVIWODA Programmes comprises of:-   

Entreprenuership Development and Career Support Scheme
NVIWODA Capacity Building programmes facilitate and empowers women in different aspects of life, while entrepreneurship and career development programmes, aims at women developing economic and sustainable enterprises.   

Technical skills Development 
Gives women opportunity to, acquire hands on skills development for projects that could reduce poverty and advance their families.
Women in rural districts are faced with challenges of gender, low incomes and their marginal propensity to save, is non-existent. 
Even for cases where it exists it is marred by necessities of the expanded family system. Therefore skills development enhances women’s potential to earn incomes.   

 Gender awareness and Domestic Violence
Builds women’s knowledge and capacity to understand their human rights.   

Use and application of ICT’s i.e. Internet surfing and e-mailing, application of
 Web 2.0 tools.
ICT’s prepare women not to lag behind during this era of  technological advancement.
With the advancement of improved technological setup and infrastructure with in the nation,
NVIWODA members and women elsewhere need to prepare early in advance to enable them to catch up
 with the rest of the world. Surprisingly men too need to be involved at lower scale to enable them learn the cause for women emancipation in the information age.   

Centralized workshops
Aims at reaching out to many women within their communities
Most of our members are today knowledgeable of their gender roles and responsibilities and
Equipped with entrepreneurial and ICT’s skills, that could enable them to gain economic and
social empowerment  a power for a livelihood. For the new groups funding is being sought to conduct the same programmes. We wish to thank the training team that included Mr. Jamil Sebalu, Idris Kakeeto, Florence Sekajja, Florence Bonabana and Francis Ahabyona who supported us in this endeavour.
                                                                                        CBO’s  Reports Summaries   

Reach Out to the Wives of the Soldiers poses for a photo with their husbands after training .


We appreciate the groups who were able to forward their Reports to us this indicates your active partnership and when we document your group and people come to learn of what you are doing, it becomes more visible to the  outside world. NVIWODA helps to link you to other organizations.
Physical visits to your groups enables us to cement our relationship with you.
However some members  need to be reminded to submit reports, as donors would inquire from us if  we know the group and it becomes easy to respond without delay.
Participants are conducted through study tours to enable them learn from other successful project models so that they could replicate the same in their areas.  

NVIWODA women entrepreneur trainees conducted through a study tour at Anam Car Animal Husbandry Training Centre to learn on best farming practices. The women drawn from 10 districts of Uganda.  


Connecting the unconnected ICT’s Rural Pilot Project   

Through a partnership, NVIWODA secured a small grant – Euors 1000 equivalent to 2,365, 000/-, for Mperre Indigenous Initiatives for Development from East African Community Secretariat, to implement an ICT’s community project. This is the first pilot collaboration of its kind and we hope that your group partnership initiatives could come up. Today donor’s focus is on collaboration; only together can we make it.   


Parternering and Networking: Display of ICT’s role in development by NVIWODA Programme Coordinator at WOUGNET AGM in 2008
Through a partnership, NVIWODA secured a small grant – Euors 1000 equivalent to 2,365, 000/-, for Mperre Indigenous Initiatives for Development from East African Community Secretariat, to implement an ICT’s community project. This is the first pilot collaboration of its kind
and we hope that your group partnership initiatives could come up. Today donor’s focus is on collaboration; only together can we make it.   

NVIWODA Grantees designing a project   

Capacity building of women community based groups into Project Proposal Writing and managent.



 NVIWODA entrepreneurs products -Packmint   Enterprise @ Work 256-0772452965. 


In country, Donor partners and other NGO’s Guests to NVIWODA  

on 14th September 2008, Muadi Mukenge her familiarization tour, all the way from U.S.A   

AIM-To learn more of our work and also reflect on the GFW partnership, we wish to thank all 23 members present at that meeting. Your presence, contributions and views, and more especially for sparing the Sunday for us was a great support. Since 1998 NVIWODA has received US. $.74, 000 from GFW. We appreciate the assistance, for women’s cause in Uganda.   

NVIWODA commits itself to work with you share all knowledge and information, that can empower your groups; we believe together we can make it.   

 Global Fund for Women  Grantees Convention   

On 20th- 21st February 2008 NVIWODA attended a Global Fund for Women Grantees Convention, held in Kampala and organized by ICON Associates and Partners, this aimed to assemble 2005-2007 Uganda GFW  grantees, giving grantees opportunity to learn from each other’s work, that advance women development in Uganda.   

Exhibiting practices and reviewing the GFW relationship. A paper on NVIWODA’S work and experiences as a GFW partner was presented to the convention. As member network of   

 other umbrella organizations, we continue to actively partner with other organizations like DENIVA, WOUGNET, NAWOU annual meetings this exposes NVIWODA to the operations of NGO world.   

Special Quotation from Global Fund For Women  We hope that the partnership with NVIWODA will be duplicated in turn to assist individuals and other women groups to fully participate in their communities.  

 On 9th July 2008, NVIWODA hosted Chloe Mukai National consultant Ethical Fashions from International Trade at a Mini exhibition held at NVIWODA offices, we wish to thank those who exhibited their enterprises for the cause of finding market for members products.  

Partnerships and Staff Capacity Building  WOUGNET partnered with NVIWODA in the Citizen Journalism Africa project in September 2008 -22nd-26th Regina and Cissy, were trained in documenting the stories. 

This is aimed at understanding citizen journalism and its potential for civil society organizations, 

skills in information sharing and Networking, documentation of stories from our organizations 

were acquired and implemented. 

CBO’S need to document and  promote their organizations activities organization regularly. 

Training members in story writing and communication was implemented in 2009 with support from 

African Women Development Fund (AWDF). 

 Organization Challenges 

 Resource mobilization stand a big challenge to the organization as even members subscription is not forthcoming
 Incapacity of  members’  to fundraise for the   organization. Membership and high expectations
Increased national inflation
Insecure of poor anticipated working environment
 Organizational future advancement
 Lack of Transport to ease the organizations work. 

On 22nd-26th September 2008, WOUGNET nominated NVIWODA to participate in the Citizen Journalism Africa Workshop, with aim of understanding citizen journalism and its potential for civil society organizations, skills in information sharing and Networking, documentation of stories from our organizations were acquired.
Regina and Cissy participated the workshop and stories from the organization are regularly contributed, if we have to actively participate in the project,  we need more stories to be documented, and foremost from those  members who were  equipped with skills in Communication and story writing skills.   

Idah of Nezikokolima Women’s group, laying her hands on the computer for the first time. Rural Women like Ida need hands on skills training and encouragement to enable them gain their status.(5th – 7th October, 2009) with the support of African Women Development Fund . 

Rural women and ICTs hands on skills.


Rurama Handicraft and Farming Society Members during ICT training. 



Technological skills transfer to women  

25th June 2009 some of the NVIWODA members trained  in Liquid soap making and Jessica Mugalula, the Publicity Secretary conducted the Training. Women taking a keen look at the weighing scale. To  improve  incomes and knowledge  women need technical skills.  

Ms. Nyarwa Cissy Programme Coordinator NVIWODA and others participate in the domestic violence campaign in December 2009 ,in   a wall painting activity at Wandegeya organized by Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)  


The Report was compiled by:
Ms. Cissy Edith Nyarwa, Programme Coordinator Woman Achiever
Ntulume Village Women’s Development Association (NVIWODA),
P.O. Box 10074,

Tel Contact:(Off) 041-4-272105  or 0772452965  



About nviwoda

In a humble setting lies the story of the Ntulume Village Women's Development Association (NVIWODA). In June 1987 a group of women residing in Ntulume Village founded, Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA) It is a legally registered woman NGO (Reg.S5914/404) and operates in ten districts of Uganda, the organization equips women with skills, networks and shares knowledge and information with twenty seven women community based groups. NVIWODA has todate empowered sustainable families in Uganda.
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