After acquiring entrepreneurship skills from Ntulume Village Women’s Development (NVIWODA), in 2002,
Mrs. Ssozi Rose initiated Nyange Tailoring Institute which is located in Nansana 7miles Hoima Road in Wakiso District.
Nyange Tailoring Institute aims at empowering and supporting disadvantaged girls with tailoring skills,
who have dropped out of school due to various reasons i.e. orphan aged girls, school drops who parent at tender age.
During NVIWODA evaluation tour of her grantees on 10th June 2010, Sozi’s enterprise is now successful and growing because she started with five girls and three sewing machines and today the Institute owns twenty sewing machines.
Rose narrated that “Being a Professional Tailor and a mother, I had a concern for girls who don’t complete education and thought to start something developmental for young girls who drop out at early age i.e. from primary seven to senior four”. Together, with the management committee comprising of the Director, Treasurer, Chairman and the Tutor we implemented the idea.
In December 2008, Mrs. Rose Sozi acquired skills in Project Proposal Writing from Ntulume Village Women Development Association and later she was able to write a fundable project to NVIWODA Development Fund and received a grant of 1,500,000 (one million and five hundred thousands), this enabled her to purchase an over lock which the institute lacked
With a smile Rose said “´The course covers two years, with an advanced certificate.
We now haves a class of forty students with twenty sewing machines and the classes are run on shifts basis i.e morning and afternoon classes.
Nyange Tailoring Institute plans to construct a Boarding school and also include sweater knitting courses for girls “she concluded.
Like any other enterprise the Institute is faced with challenges of not having enough resources to acquire teaching materials, as parents at times send the girls with no requirements, at the same time the society take tailoring, as for those who failed in life, In addition the students most times fail to pay charges which is quite minimal compared to other Institutions.
He husband Mr. Sozi supports to manage the Institute and able her achieve her desired goals. He gives credit to NVIWODA for empowering his wife.


About nviwoda

In a humble setting lies the story of the Ntulume Village Women's Development Association (NVIWODA). In June 1987 a group of women residing in Ntulume Village founded, Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA).www.nviwoda.interconnection.org It is a legally registered woman NGO (Reg.S5914/404) and operates in ten districts of Uganda, the organization equips women with skills, networks and shares knowledge and information with twenty seven women community based groups. NVIWODA has todate empowered sustainable families in Uganda.
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